We're Only Human 10 - Your Employees aren't Innovative Enough

Host: Ben Eubanks

Guest: Ruth Veloria, Executive Dean of the School of Business, University of Phoenix

According to a recent piece of research from the University of Phoenix, while new technologies have increased competition on a global scale, just 1 in 10 hiring managers say their employees excel at innovation. In addition, one-third of hiring managers say their employees lack key traits like creativity and forward-thinking. 

In this episode of We're Only Human, host Ben Eubanks speaks with Ruth Veloria, Executive Dean of the School of Business at the University of Phoenix. Ben and Ruth talk about some of the findings of the study, but more importantly, they explore how businesses can overcome some of these challenges and be successful. For companies that are seeking an edge over the competition and need innovation to help level the playing field, the insights shared in this episode can help to bridge that gap. 

Research findings: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/university-phoenix-survey-finds-employees-130000936.html

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