We're Only Human 11: Using Talent Mobility Tech to Create Employee Engagement

Host: Ben Eubanks

Guests: Carsten Busch, Laura Fuller, Lumesse

Why do employers often hire external candidates at the risk of demoralizing their qualified, competent existing employees? In addition, how does technology play a role in helping employees chart a career path that motivates and engages them in their work? 

In today's episode of We're Only Human, Ben Eubanks talks with Carsten Busch and Laura Fuller of Lumesse as they explore those questions and others that relate to this concept of talent mobility. The conversation is definitely top of mind for many employers. 

June's HR Magazine from SHRM has a feature that focused on how some companies like Gap and Siemens are trying to create development opportunities that connect candidates and employees to the firms for a long period of time. The double benefit of this kind of development is that if businesses can drive retention, then they get the value of a more productive workforce for a longer period of time. 

Also, in the episode Ben mentions an upcoming webinar, which you can find out more about here: http://www2.lumesse.com/talent-mobility-webinar 

Webinar registrants will get a free copy of Ben's upcoming report on talent mobility which has never before been made public, so sign up now to get your hands on it. 

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