Episode 27: Learning Measurement and Business Impact

One of the hard things for HR leaders to do is understand if the work they are doing actually has an impact on the business. What's the ROI, if any, of the investments and effort you're putting into your work?

That's an question we're going to discuss today with Kevin M. Yates, a brilliant L&D leader and a self-described data detective, who recently joined the learning team at McDonald's. In the conversation, Kevin makes it really clear how to think through using data, evidence and facts to support what HR and learning leaders are doing in the business. 

Additionally, Kevin and Ben discuss some of their overlapping research about the new roles and opportunities in HR and learning where more and more companies are looking for those with statistics or data-friendly backgrounds, an exciting development for those HR leaders that are focused on understanding and driving value for their firms. 

In the conversation, Kevin shares about the technology he thinks is going to radically change how L&D teams look at their work, and he also walks us through how to approach a business problem like a "data detective" with both curiosity and candor. 

Learn more about Kevin: https://kevinmyates.com

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