We're Only Human 6 - Women Leaders Behind #HRTech Firms

Host: Ben Eubanks

Guest: Lynn Miller

This year's HR Technology Conference had a new feature, the Women in HR Tech Summit. The event was a success by all measures (link to the recap episode below in the show notes), but one person heard about the summit and started to wonder, what do female executives in HR technology do differently? What makes them successful? What lessons can we translate to the HR community at large, helping women to achieve greater success in their roles as executives, HR leaders, and business professionals? 

In episode 6 of We're Only Human, host Ben Eubanks interviews Lynn Miller, a researcher exploring the interesting world of female founders and CEOs in HR Technology. She talks about what separates this group from their male counterparts and also explains the value they can bring in terms of customer satisfaction and more. 

For more information about Lynn's research, check out her LinkedIn series: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_3KN3kS2iP9-uxHomkGcaip?trk=prof-sm 

Listen to the Women in HR Technology Summit recap episode: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/steve-boese/2016/11/02/hr-happy-hour-265--women-in-hr-technology

To check out other episodes of We're Only Human or learn more about what Ben's up to, check out http://upstarthr.com/podcast

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